Introduction Time!

Yes, I am smiling!

So I am Anon Con, the newest anonymous blogger on the block. What sets me apart is the brashness with which I will give away details of my real life. Rather than writing about “The Life”, i will talk about my everyday life. i had a previous well-connected regular blog, so why am I starting anew?

It’s because the previous one didn’t allow me to add some chilli and ginger to the mix. I felt like I was being scrutinised by family and friends for every move; wherein every movement was duly noted and could be given to My Lord at any moment in the future. Hence the decision to start with a fresh page. Even if I cannot get instant views off my facebook page, I choose to have freedom to bitch about those very virtual friends!

I will not use any intimate proper nouns so, for reference, I will be maintaining a list of characters already introduced in the blog. For starters, it is only me but expect it to expand as the blog entries grow.

This blog is just starting out so kindly pass on some valuable pointers on how to make it better.

7 thoughts on “Introduction Time!

  1. Welcome to wordpress! You should be able to be fairly free, being anonymous. I hope you enjoy the freedom of writing whatever you like – without your family & friends scrutinising :)

  2. Tippy, tap :)
    But really, I look forward to reading your bitching and moaning about those virtual friends, among other things. I’m not anonymous, but I’m the same. My family and friends have no idea I’m here.

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