My First Visitor from Google (or Bing)

Everyone would agree WordPress is popular. There have been times when I realized that many of the sites that I follow are actually hosted on WordPress thanks to the black bar above. Technologizer and TechCrunch come to my mind immediately, though they are not the only ones. Here, I am not commenting on the quality, just their popularity. Digressing further, I like Technologizer but it is Apple-centric, I being a Microsoft fan (not fanboy). And I don’t like the stuff from TechCrunch at all. Yet, I bump into them every now and then.

So, these are the sites that thrive by themselves. They are merely hosted on WordPress but don’t seem to have any WordPress feel to them. Then there are sites like Whatimeant2say. She is damn funny and I love her musings. She sits on the verge of an upheaval with a “divorce” dangling on one side and Wonderbutt on the other. And she has so many visitors that it gives her enough stuff to talk about her audience. But I don’t…

Till now.

As a backstory, I would merely say I was twice surprised by unexpected likes when I logged into WordPress. Today, I faintly hoped to be third time lucky but no notification came my way. As expected. Yet, I was surprised by an unexpected visitor from a search engine! I verified it and got this –

I got the third result. Yay! But wait. This is Google and my default search is Bing. I had decided spontaneously to switch my search providers. But then I got this…

Down from 3 to 5. This seems realistic. I am still shocked that my blog is on the front page for any search other than my consciously chosen name of blog (I am wary for even that query). What all this boils down to is that Bing is better. They recognized their die-heard user but didn’t compromised their quality giving me a lower position on page. Google, on the other hand, tried to lure me and gave me a higher position. This is bad; it means they would compromise other results to lure other users. We all will suffer. Thus, it is Bing for me for the time being.

Now what about the mysterious visitor? It would have made sense if he/she/it would have been searching “learning by fun” which returned to me this site as its second result, which looks good enough. Yet searching “making learning fun” gives me so many good sites that choosing one or two would be injustice. But somewhere down the line, we have flushed away the first person. If ‘I am’ was indispensable in the query, shee† implied here that shee was already learning by fun. And then sher statement seems more apt for a tweet. What does shee want Google to do? Laud her feat or tweak its algorithms so that learning-by-fum wannabes somehow would get sher profile in the sidebar for every google search.

No, shee already knew that shee was learning was fun; don’t doubt sher intelligence. She merely wanted to speak to her bosom friends all over the world who too were learning by fun and wanted to form “AL-QAEDA of US”‡ with them. Or, maybe not. Shee could just be could just be an innate observer of internet about which shee knows that narcissism is the key to World Wide Web. Shee, being an observer, wanted to observe these learners by fun.

But why? Shee was a lawyer! Rather than finding people who wrote ‘learning is fun’, shee wanted them to explicitly utter that they themselves were learning by fun, not just any Tom, Dick and Harry whom they had seen. Hmm. Hats off to you, visitor. You really are an intelligent creature. And I may have a question as to why you wanted to extract the confession, but your brain being the wonder that it is, I would not belittle you by asking you little questions.

Coming back to my own blog, I had an itch to know whether anybody else ever stumbled onto it through search engines. And yes! Many did. To be precise, four:

camera crackers


being gay and alone

i am learning by fun

Here, are the positions of my blog on Google for each remaining keyword. ‘Patasha’ doesn’t have my blog right now in its results, tools4google tells me.

shee here includes he, she or any other undiscovered pronoun for the third gender.

Association of Learners – Questions & Answers Enjoyed During Assembly of
Us Soulmates

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