Obituary of a Lost Post

I am sorry my friends. A blogpost has been martyred while I was using Word 2013 to write it. It was very long and time consuming, it was rich of hyperlinks, the topic was close to my heart; I was proud of it. But just when I was publishing the blogpost to the world, Word crashed! My heart dipped but since it was Word I thought Auto-recovery would bring it back. That was a fatal mistake. No auto-recovery popped for me, no draft was saved on wordpress, no remnants of unsaved documents were found in Office system files.

The content is no more among us, but only in my heart. The grief that has stricken me halts any progress to resume it again. ‘How can you resurrect it from death?’, it says to me. It is right, I know. Word 2013 that I have been using is more of a beta product with errors, bugs and, now I know, possible crashes. I even ignored the heed to save the document first. My heart longs not for a post but only the one that I lost. And I know it can’t ever be.

The memory of that post will always reside with me. The protagonist of that story is a personal hero of mine. Maybe it was God’s word not to utter it out loud in public. Let me pick the pieces left here and there, watch a few youtube movies I gathered along the way to watch later and finally move on.

UPDATE:- In my grief, I had inserted a spammy image of “broken windows 7 wallpaper” after scouring Bing Images. It was unoriginal as well as ugly. When I revisited the post, it revolted me and I deleted it. This not a critique of Bing, its image search is actually quite classy. And sorry for making you puke. :-)

3 thoughts on “Obituary of a Lost Post

  1. That’s always so disheartening; any time I lose a post due to some technical glitch, it seems to take extra willpower for me to re-write it.

    That said, I had my share of issues with Office 2013 as well. It seems surprisingly buggy for something Microsoft is offering up to the general public rather than as a technical preview.

    1. Exactly. I have always used Microsoft beta products freely and never have confronted such a major crash. Though, in their defense, they have always said this is not a final product, who has ever cared much for that disclaimer? :D

      Yet, it is quite silly to have Word crashed only because the image I uploaded exceeded the capacity of WordPress storage area. That happened only because I can’t attach random online pictures using their hyperlink itself (which can be done easily on WordPress)! Plus, it was not autosaving my data. That is a crime when talking about Office.

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