Day 1 of My 30-Day Challenge + Little Tidbits Dying to Jump Out of Me

On my mind today:

I lost my phone day before yesterday. I went to college with two hours of up-down but we had no classes today, all because of no cellphone. Though reaching there, I came to know that I passed my German exam with distinction. I have to submit the language form for German tomorrow if I want to continue the course into the next year, of course I want to. I have confirmed my HoD has been extremely miffed with me, any doubts have vanished into thin air. In other news, Saina Nehwal won her first match crushing her opponents to bits (expected) and Parupalli Kashyap too won his first match (yay!) though women archery team went down in qualifiers itself (not expected). Incidentally, someone reached my blog by typing “saina nehwal gay” in Google/Bing, I wonder if it was because I am gay or I am a big Saina Nehwal fan since I certainly don’t think Saina Nehwal is gay. Come to think of it, nobody can be sure nowadays; maybe she actually is? Either way, my love for her is irrespective of her real lovers. Anyway, I am happy that I managed to opt out of going to my cousins’ birthday yesterday but still I have to drag myself to my aunt’s retirement party tomorrow. I don’t want to go but I am not busy either. I have to go submerge myself with books but I have not been following up on the homework given by my coaching class. And the big one: I have started my 30-day challenge today.

Day 1

The challenge is to not lean my body on anything for support, not even my arms. It has been going pretty successful I must say. Let us see, I was sitting upright on the sofa today. And in the bus, I caught myself fairly quickly whenever I sat comfortably in the seat. And while sitting in library, I rotated the chair so that the back of the chair was to my side, I had nothing left to lean back on.

It was quite uncomfortable really and my back is hurting right now. But I have adapted fairly quickly to the new pose. Whenever my body wants to roll back, some signal springs in my brain and again I’m sitting like a pole. This is funny really. When I was sitting in bus, it felt like I was ready shoot out of the bus any moment now. A sudden rush and activity occupied me. I have a habit of sleeping in the bus when seated; it is automatic. But today, I slept with my back in the air. I know it because I was not really dozing off. I was a dolphin, resting with one eye open.

But it is just the start. As I said before, my back – particularly the muscles around my scapula – are in acute pain and the day has not even properly entered afternoon. Maybe I should really be concentrating on my diet. I rarely eat anymore what with all the running around in the day and sleeping early in the evening. That is something I am inclined to take up next after this 30-day challenge.

My pole-back took precedence over balanced diet and even waking up to the alarm sound, because I feel sleepy throughout the day due to lying here and there like a haystack. My studies have been suffering as a result and being in the last year of college, it is a life-critical matter. I want to crash into bed and rest but I cannot allow myself to relent. No. Not on the first day. Not on the thirteenth day. Not on the very last day. This challenge has to be taken up like a challenge.

And there you read the brief report of my day that is yet to end. My WordPress addiction is increasing by the day.

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