My 30-Day Challenge, Day #8

To remind all my lazy new readers, my challenge is to not lean my body on anything. Anything. And that blanket statement makes the challenge all the more difficult. I do have to sleep. And I have to put my arms somewhere in order to write anything. These are the fringe issues that the statement of my challenge didn’t bother explaining. Yet I do have to sleep and write. Therefore they become implicit riders that I willfully choose to disobey. The spirit of my challenge still stands though.

Even then, the results are a mixed bag. I have to ride by bus everyday. I have to sit on a desk everyday. I have watch TV on the sofa everyday. And by repetition, I have learnt not to sit in a bus and sit up straight in the class as well as living room. Give me encouragement, not pats on the back. It is going to crack any second now. I might be a grossly underweight 56 kg but that is still too much for a mere mass of ribs and bones to uphold. And thus I make concessions. I often find my shoulders drooped down and support my torso with arms many times. Afternoon nap has become a daily dose. Though, I have become more adept to catch these errors early, they occur every now and then, especially in a new setting. When I was ironing my clothes, I caught myself supporting my body using my toes against the setti! Red alert: the problem runs deep.

There is an automatic switch that goes off the moment I step into a public transport: bus, auto, metro… you name it. But I can’t lean back. Therefore I have to sleep mid-air. The jerks in a bus are particularly harsh. My head bumps frequently with poles, windows, seats in the front and people standing around me and sitting beside me. It is not pleasant at all, particularly after they start giving you ‘the eye’. After these incidents, one gets wary of getting into these situations themselves. I don’t sleep in the bus anymore. And I don’t stand still near any shelf.

A common thread remains that I managed to pull myself back and find solutions (and that I really love talking about how I ride to and fro every day). But not always. When you are early in a challenge, you remember it more often and it has a certain priority over other menial tasks. But a challenge wouldn’t be a challenge without roadblocks, would it now? I feel terrible typing without lying full-length on the bed. I have to put my laptop on my lap for any meaningful work. But isn’t that uncomfortable beyond imagination?! As a result, I was shying away from posting anything longer than 5 sentences altogether. And when I finally forced myself to start studying, even if at 2 am yesterday (I do have to start somewhere), I couldn’t sit cross-legged and concentrate. No, I couldn’t! And therefore I drifted back to old habit of half-sleeping position of reading. And I didn’t even sit up straight when I became conscious of my position. Was too sleepy for that. I need a proper desk but we don’t have it at my house anymore; we never used it like that.

But I can’t afford it going further. These were the basic problems that I was going to change in myself. Else there is no point in continuing the challenge. After all, who doesn’t want to lean back and doze off in a bus seat after a hard day of work?

PS: In order to avoid any more posts, I might reblog one or two. :D

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