Hilarious! Everyone has felt like this once in a life. He knows me more than I was ever capable of expressing :D :D

How To Be A Hipster Without Really Trying

God bless broken keyboards and the people who fix them. God bless the letter “G”. God bless the Apple Store. God bless America!

I saw him from across the store. He was short. Short guys are little gifts from heaven. He was scruffy. Not the “I want to look like I’m too lazy to shave so you know I don’t give a rat’s yahoo” kind of scruff, but a scruff that says, “Hi, welcome to the Apple Store, please make out with me.” His eyes were… Oh God, those eyes. Deep, violent blue. That color should be illegal. His smile was honest, sincere in the subtlest of ways. His hair was dark, and styled just so, so that he neither appeared apathetic nor fastidious. He wore that electric blue store employee shirt like he was born in it. As I waited in line for my appointment, I made an audible…

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I would love it if you go "tippy, tap" with your keyboard here :)

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