It’s a bird, it’s a plane. It’s…

…my first Blogger’s Award!!

I can’t believe someone like brightbluesaturday of Anglophonism fame who is a métier of his field (linguistics) bothered to find my blog passably sensual. I find his blog really informative and interesting. It is just like laughing over xkcd; I feel a tiny bit more intelligent afterwards.

And now the award itself. It is the Sensual Blogging award! This is the first of its kith and kin I ever received. I was merely checking WordPress because we had been parted for 12 hours in a row. Before: Lying back on sofa with laptop half-hanging in air. Got the notification of being nominated for a blogger’s award. After: jolted back straight, mouth was hanging open and struggling for words. My eyes and hands were looking for something. My sister at the other end got concerned for me, more so when I jumped up and down with joy and was at the verge of happy tears.

But okay, I have got myself composed now. And I really thank brightbluesaturday for this award and the kind words he wrote for me (they were the culprit for testing my dam’s strength). Hmm… The Sensual Blogging Award. Rolls off the tongue. I have reached out to him to ask why he thought I was eligible for the award. I haven’t got any response as of the time of writing. I promise I’ll update you if I get further response. He says, “To be honest, I don’t find myself sensual, nor my blog. I just thought your blog was more heartfelt, more raw, than others. They have sensual-points.” Wow, thank you!

My psychic compulsions kick in nonetheless. Somehow, I always knew there was something in me that drew people to me like moths to the flame. They can’t stop staring at me (and me); they can’t stop listening to me. But as far as my writing is concerned, this summer night is the only truly sensual post that I can find. Mostly, browsing back in the history of my blog, I was just gaping at the vast ocean of insecurities all over it. How can someone (translate:me) be so monochromatic? I will mix it up, my dear readers, worry not!

Now we get down to the basics of the Sensual Blogging Award:

The rules

When nominated for the Sensual Blogging Award the blogger must:

  • Mention the blogger that nominated them (check),
  • Nominate a dozen other bloggers (after the break),
  • Answer seven sensual questions (my dream!), and
  • Use the nominating blog’s url to link from the award logo when pasting (check).

I really don’t know what to do with it! Can I touch it? Can I smell it? Can I run away it – hair flowing behind me sensually? Or can I just put it on my blog and stare at it till a) my eyelids wither away due to disuse, or b) the awards goes up in flames due to all the intense focus it gets from me? At least I am going to pass it to my favourite sensual bloggers. They might not necessarily be all of my favourite bloggers, but without much ado, here they are:

The Nominees for The Sensual Blogger ‘Con Anon’s Choice’ Award

  1. whatimeant2say – The most sensual thing on her blog is her Wonderbutt. This blog was the first thing that struck my mind.
  2. Colinology – He is young and independent. He has a way with words –  be it his life, his Mark or his opinions. The more I read, the more I want to. Definitely a candidate.
  3. How To Be A Hipster Without Really Trying – He can inject fun in a dead log, let alone his complicated life. Also holds the distinction for the first ever reblog by me.
  4. Pucker Up Buttercup – The name really didn’t sound fun the first time round. Yet how much a single story can change us. That made me sit up and look at the whole blog properly. Long story short, I am a fan.
  5. doily down the street – Is it okay to include someone just on the merits of a killer profile picture? Plus he has a really cute life.
  6. [Bonus] Lisa Fox Romance – It is the first blog that WordPress throws at me when searching for a ‘sensual blog’ by relevance. I have not personally checked it out but let’s give the machine a vote too, shouldn’t we? (Update: Oh no, this is a little too sensual for its own good. BEWARE!)

The Seven Sensual Questions

  1. Most romantic memory: When I visited Shimla, I was walking down a hilly road at night when suddenly the moon emerged from behind a tree. It was like a large disco-ball at the centre of the velvet night. I have never seen a bigger moon in my life and that too in such a calm and serene location. This was the grandest romantic memory that I know (I love the smaller things much more, but I also forget them).
  2. Most sensual music: Norah Jones, hands down. Her voice is misty and innocent, with murdereous undertones and honey-dipped memories. She can hum and it becomes music, such is the texture of her silky voice tinged with little acid! Mystery and charm are the clothes she never takes off. Even then she takes on comedy with a straight face and never fails to deliver. Moreover, she is so beautiful and so elegant. A single paragraph cannot justify the way she embodies sensuality in the purest sense of its meaning. Oh my Norah!
  3. Most sensual season: Winter. “Come over here.” *hugz* “It is cold, after all!”
  4. Favourite flower: Lotus?
  5. Favourite fruit: Watermelon and grapefruit.
  6. Best gift received: A pack of Diary Milk Shots as a birthday present. The best part was that I had already bought them and served them in the party itself. My friends were gaping at each other when I handed them the bowl of shots to eat. Yet they don’t know I was not disappointed but rather elated as to how they had bothered to listen to my little wants! It was a real gift; I never shared them with anyone and lied on the couch with shots the next day and a movie marathon on TV side-by-side.
  7. Love is: hope.

Now I just need to have a proper place to show off my brand new award on my blog. Whew!

PS(1) – I came to know that I can follow my own blog. Huh? Can it not be used to inflate your followers, though only by a strict upper bound of one? I am torn as to whether I should follow my other German blog which has zero hits since its inception. Not even spam bothers to uptick its numbers. Stats page outright refuses to show me any numbers; I haven’t got any. It is for the better I guess, since a big blank graph pushes me nearer to the balcony. I am really close to mass-tagging my blog with any number of most popular tags auf Deutsch. I can apologize later; angry commentators are better than none! :D

PS(2) – My hands are slipping like butter today from the keys. Sorry for re-typos that may have gotten in even after multiple scans. I am unable to hire a competent proofreader – for now at least.

6 thoughts on “It’s a bird, it’s a plane. It’s…

  1. Thanks for the nomination, conanon! Would you believe it’s my birthday? It’s the best birthday gift an anonymous blogger could ask for. “Sensual” wasn’t a word I would have used to describe my blog, but I definitely will now, along with “chortle-worthy” and “barely tolerable.”

    1. ‘Chortle-inducing’ and ‘barely tolerable to breath’ is more like it. And happy birthday!! Binge on great food and don’t sleep… enjoy!

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