Bitchy Post

2012-12-16T03:38+05:30 There is horror hidden in that jumble of letters. It is 3:39 in the morning. That 1-minute discrepancy, for those who actually bothered to take notice, is because (guess, guess!) my computer clock is still ticking thankfully blissfully unaware that its only admirer is writing his blog. So yes, it is morning enough that birds would be chirping […]

“You knew that you could renew them on 23rd November. Why didn’t you call us then?”

Because, ma’am, I am a forgetful loon and I gave up Rs 60 as fine, which was easily avoidable with just a phone call, like you admonished me ever-so-lightly and good-naturedly. My German librarian is a sweet lady. Ever since the day I stepped in Max Mueller Library to get my membership, she has always been very […]