My hands can’t keep off the keyboard, sorry!

My theory is WordPress is inherently slow to load. But only for the first time. It might save its data somewhere (cookies? they get maligned a lot) so the cost of going to WordPress is amortized over time. I guess they should rather have two versions of the same thing: first-time users and the regulars. So that first-timers don’t have to face the uphill mental baggage others don’t have to face. And by others I specifically meant the regular bloggers; I wanted to say non-first timers but then it would also include non-first timers that are not bloggers or bloggers that don’t know about WordPress. Wait… Can bloggers unaware of WordPress even claim to be bloggers? But then there are many Chinese users who don’t know about Facebook. Here I could include India, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t have a Hindi blogging site. Or Tamil, Bengali or Assamese either; Hindi-speakers constitute only about 40% of India only. Even then, there might be a conspiracy since the Hindi belt constitutes a big part of India (big part of the world even, big like in a whopping 47 crore or 471 million for those unknown to the wonders of Vedic numbering system).

Rambling aside, my exams are over. Not officially but the last one is strangely scheduled 10 days away. Holidays themselves don’t last as much. Neither do my previous papers; the remaining four were pushed into a little 8 days window. Well, the worst part is over and sunny part is ahead. Or foggy.

You see winters have blasted into Delhi finally. A little chill or nip in the air turned into mandatory sweaters but velvety soft blankets were enough as recently as two days ago. Lo behold, God played with me and tomorrow I rushed out with floaters sans socks and with a mere jacket. It didn’t feel so bad just as I stepped out but did things get downhill after that. Just two streets later, I regretted my decision not trying to find a warmer. And in the big open road at bus stop, it went down to survival. There notes in my hands that I tried to understand for my exams two hours later. On a normal day, last-minute studies bounce off a mental wall; here I was distracted enough to notice little kids saying to their mothers, “Mummy, today it is cold.” Ha! I was not alone. Though I was not a chattering mess however; between looking at my notes and far down the road for a sign of bus, I was busy enough. And as the Met department says, 15, 13, 15 is the sequence of temperatures the last three days. See! That dip of two degree Kelvin made all the difference.

I was supposed to translate a passage into German, complete two chapters of Economics (the dangling subject that has no relation to Computer Science whatsoever), study a little for my MCA entrance even. All I have accomplished after 18 hours of this day and 14 hours after I saw this day is… nothing. I have nothing more added to my life except a half-complete blog, a mind full of Robert Pattinson self-hate and a few SOS texts to save my life from my life. It feels great to not to do anything, especially after a couple weeks of alternating between reluctant studying and bouts of stupid adamancy to watch Grey’s Anatomy anyway. I discovered it right before exams and am hooked to it. It certainly meets the hype it gets; lots better than the copycat we got here years ago by the name of ‘Sanjeevani’. The latter was not bad per se, but now that I see it, I can say it openly that Sanjeevani conveniently keeps out the dirty details out and glamorizes the whole thing. It basically was the traditional bahu-vamp plot in a new setting. It was a hit and I followed it too. But like everything on TV, it kept on stretching its plot beyond the wildest imagination of its original scriptwriters and had to be thrown out (forcibly – my sixth sense tells me) off the TV, when people finally got bored and the whole story took place more out of hospital than inside it. Only a few months back, I was surprised when I learnt that Ekta Kapoor fights with channels to shift to season style than a continuous serial soap-style, but they resist it. She finally won an inch when she ended ‘Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha’ (a genuinely funny, non-Sab TV show since ‘Sarabhai vs. Sarabhai’) abruptly despite good ratings, based on a little sample of my family of four, and later promised to air it back four a season two. Thank God times infinity! I hope it brings good times back for Indian TV; incidentally, it was Ekta Kapoor herself who took the TV industry by storm with her superhit smashing success ‘Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi’ and other flurry of her successful K-shows: ‘Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii’, ‘Kasauti Zindagi Kay’ (which had my namesake as its lead), ‘Kahii Kisii Roz’ (I saw it but couldn’t understand it really; it started as a thriller/mystery but switched to a typical saas-bahu drama midstream and my young mind couldn’t understand when or why it happened) and other kinds of soaps.

And this is why I watch English channels. There are none that cater to my demography. There are no serials for gay community or with gay characters, there are none that focus on college or rather the real college, absolutely none that focus on youth (cannot include the junk MTV puts out and yet they make me wonder what are they officially classified as by the television/film/whatever board), actually none that make me want to set a reminder for them. Even Cartoon Network has deteriorated; I feel pity for the young children of this day, Ben 10 being the remotely respectable thing to watch.

I had decided to translate a passage and post it here. I should start laughing at my plans the time I make them, I feel only pity afterwards. Even then, the moment has come when I should log off and go out to see the colorful speech made by Sushma Swaraj in Lok Sabha (Lower House). Outside India, American lobbyists might be interested so if you are one, my blog is nothing compared to the wit she is displaying right now. *Howls of my laughing father outside*

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