Well-being 101 and other big, small things

Quick post.

I am down with fever. Nancy licks the underside of her feet in a disgusting obsessive way beside me. I attended classes for 9 hours, all the while suffering from fever. Got into argument with a teacher for his foolhardy way. Applauded the same one when he solved a question in such an elegant way: “Wow”, I told to my friend but he himself couldn’t hear it. The taste of mercury at the tip of thermometer hasn’t gone away yet; it is bitter. I sat up suddenly while sleeping yesterday; I slept at approximately 1900 and jumped up startled at 2330. My sister was laughing for my weird for this weird behaviour. Yes, we sleep on the same bed because other rooms are off-limits for me.

At institute, I mostly complained about my bad health. I talked with Mittal mostly. Nikita gave me a Combiflam tablet which helped me get through the classes; I wonder how people can remember to keep medicines with them. I thank her really. Yet, I ignored her for the better part of the day because i didn’t want to speak except with Mittal. Nikita seemed to be down and didn’t laugh as expected when I suddenly perched in front of his scooty and declared, “Over my dead body!” I was supposed to reach institute at 1030 instead of 1100 because Mittal wanted to revisit the class of Computer Organisation she had missed last week. I reached late at about 1050. She was even later at 1056.I got my username and password for SanMacs account.

My digestive system is betraying me for a week now. Even though it is never in a good state, these last few days have been a real trouble. And the big news, I got my books back from Sonal! For that, I had to politely decline for balance from Mittal, walk till I was lost and found again, recharge my phone anyway, go to Sonal’s home, and then carry a heavy luggage of books till my hands bled or my home came (whichever comes first). I found that Megha is out to visit our cousins Jagga-Richa for a day and that I would not be going to celebrate Lohri with my elder cousin “Gudiya”, but that I would be celebrating Lohri with my maternal aunt for they have a newly married daughter-in-law too. Our family of four will split up in twos to go to two important Lohris on a single day.

My nose is running. Not much, but the worst part is I don’t have a hanky with me. My towel would have to make do for now. And I didn’t do anything after I came home from institute. My mother made me a mixture of honey and Ginger for my cough. And gave me a glass of lukewarm water with a tablet of Paracetamol. She had insisted that I should go see a doctor. But the nearest doctor is PN Sharma and I am so averse to see him that I would rather try these pseudo-treatment than get prescription from him. He feels like he is not sitting there to treat people anymore, but that is a different story. My mother also gave food to Nancy, opened the door when my father came home and gave me my dinner in bed. And here I am typing slowly on the keyboard because my reflexes suddenly incur an inertia.

I am down with a fever of 101. Fahrenheit. I am forgetting the temperature in Celsius because 101 sounds way better, even though the actual temperature is 101 F ± 0.5 F; it is the best round-off to a whole number. My net score in stackoverflow increased 10 points for a second day in row; my effort there is paying off finally.

My sleep was terrible. All because of an underestimated fever. I didn’t know I had one back then. My alarm went off at 0730 and I woke up to it strangely. Even though I was wrapped so much with clothes that I felt like a rolling ball on bed, it still felt cold on a day when everybody was seen taking off a layer or two of their clothings. I told our maid to take out the wastebasket I bought a week ago to empty. It stays mostly empty anyway.

My mother seems very tolerable now that I am not feeling well. Did her behaviour towards me changed? So many variables in this complex situation, I can’t point a finger to one simple reason. I continued my streak to not eat any fast-food with my institute friends. It is just a euphemism to not spend money on unnecessary stuff. It has resulted in a month where i have spent less than 1/3 of money when it is already 12 Jan. Hopefully my penny-pinching keeps working, but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying an ice-cream when I like to.

I am not going to Norah Jones’ concert. 2500 rupees! It is almost all of my pocket-money for one month. That too around the time of my birthday when I have to give stupid birthday treats because they are expected of me. I might be inviting all of them to my home, I guess, but otherwise I can spend that much money to buy buckets of books when the International Book Fair comes to Delhi, 4-10 Feb. Unfortunately, my IIT exam is scheduled for 10th of Feb too. This is the breaking news in my life right now. Till yesterday, I was so sure I would be going to Norah Jones’ concert. But the money is very steep. The Bombay leg of her tour costs a measly 1000 rupees. But that also means I would have to add some more expenses of travelling there and spending a night there. So now, I would be seeing Norah Jones when I go to Germany. The plan is still sketchy so I would elaborate.

This headache is very off-putting. Death would be better than this sick feeling, I am sure. I don’t remember any more stuff that happened to me in the last day, so here I go.

Bis morgen!

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