Why does Homosexuality Have To Be Deemed As Anti-Religion? My Best Attempt At Answering This Unfortunate Question

(Update: I was bitter when I read this article. I have nothing against Christian people. They are portrayed as the most friendly of all in our Bollywood films. But the hordes of people on internet telling me that gay sex is sinful can’t escape my wrath. After a while, one has a sudden urge to […]

Another Day, Another Prey… on my Way

Oh worry not. The title is there because of the rhyme. I have still not downed anybody on the road, unfortunately. Anyways, my to-do list for today: Write a German paragraph. Set up my computer with a graphics library that supports per-pixel output. Complete my ToC (theory of computation) assignment. When it should read: Let […]

Saadat Hasan Manto is actually pronounced as /səˈɑːd̪ət̪ ˈhəsən ˈmənto/. In particular, notice that saa is not “saa” but “suh-aa”.

So we’re back! I am back to Kate Nash looping in the background, I’m back to planning my driving classes, plotting my outings with friends, I’m back here writing more than the two word-gag order imposed on me by me. I am freeeee!!! There was so much stuff put on hold in my life that […]