Saadat Hasan Manto is actually pronounced as /səˈɑːd̪ət̪ ˈhəsən ˈmənto/. In particular, notice that saa is not “saa” but “suh-aa”.

So we’re back! I am back to Kate Nash looping in the background, I’m back to planning my driving classes, plotting my outings with friends, I’m back here writing more than the two word-gag order imposed on me by me. I am freeeee!!!

There was so much stuff put on hold in my life that I can’t remember how it ran when I was absent-minded and crazy and so much fun. Now I am this dull man who says “biwi” (translated: wife) is not Madhubala (popular Hindi TV show reference) but it is Bv i.e. eigenvector of BA given v is the eigenvector of AB. Yep, I have become that bad.

It is not that I have actually been studying for the last two weeks. It is more that since I know I am incapable of studying studiously, I pointedly keep all the distractions away from me. So. I am now calling all my friends whom I haven’t seen in years. And I went to International Book Fair today after exam too. It was fun! I have spent all my pocket money today and it feels so good. Unfortunately I couldn’t visit the German Pavillion because Pragati Maidan (the venue for Book Fair) is so vast that I forget all sense of directions there. There are roads, bad maps and loads of advertisements. Yet I like that place. There is much going on in a single place and it is one place where there is genuine crowd control; they deal with it so many times every year.

I finally got my hands on 1984 by George Orwell today. I didn’t get to see the ‘Uncensored Copy of the Picture of Dorian Grey’ though and Saadat Hassan Manto didn’t even cross my mind. My sister reminded me of the latter mistake which was gross and wholly expected. I didn’t even remember his name till my sister reminded me, but I’m sure if I had browsed more of the Hindi section there, he would have definitely crossed my path. No worries; there’s always a next year. If I can put my Delhi Pride Parade plans on hold for two years, this seems easy-peasy in that regard. I still have 7 books to turn to that I got today, plus the 2-3 books that are collecting dust on my shelf. I have become more than a book lover into a monstrous hoarder. Oh noes!

We have bought a car finally. My sister has been taking classes for two weeks now. It is my turn to go there now; tomorrow would be my first day. Oh the poor roads of Queen’s Garden; wouldn’t they have to witness the bloodbath that is going to ensue tomorrow.

And now I have nothing more to say. There is so much to look forward to. And in my blogger-diary, I have already told everything big that is happening in my life. Therefore archival is also done. Bye! :)

2 thoughts on “Saadat Hasan Manto is actually pronounced as /səˈɑːd̪ət̪ ˈhəsən ˈmənto/. In particular, notice that saa is not “saa” but “suh-aa”.

  1. I fear I’ve become a book hoarder, as well. My wife is trying to get me to switch to our iPad, but I just can’t let the physical copies go. The towering stacks also make a nice obstacle course for our dog.

    1. What? Put them in a nice shelf to intimidate your friends. But you can’t remove them now; the dog would be disoriented about its directions in the vast open space. :D Even then don’ let them go! After all, books can be bought at throwaway prices if one looks in the right places.

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