Death Of Sunday TV Shows :(

The day today was pretty successful. I got up to get an FIR registered for my lost phone. Yeah, the one I hated more than my most hated enemy. That brick of a phone. That dumb of a  brick. That plastic mass, that confusing hell. And yet it feels sad that somebody stole it. I don’t have money to replace it! And now I am not ruing about my particularly bad financial situation this month, it is just the fact that a carefully managed budget goes awry when such freak incidents take place. First two of my jeans had to retired hurt two weeks back. Then the library late fees. Plus extra charges for the duplicate SIM. Add the learning license fees, Pedigree and my looming birthday party, and it is a perfect recipe for fatigue. The worst part is I know that I have resources but I am unable to manage them. Penny wise, pound foolish. The moment I knew this phrase, I knew it to be me.

Oh and I forgot why I came to WordPress in the first place. It is to cry hoarse about the day of spectacular shows that used to air on Sunday; they were not primetime shows but still held a premier place. Now all that free time is gobbled up by internet, I reckon. ‘Yatra’ seems to come to me instantly. Its title track has a very soothing tune of “Yeh hai yatra, Meri Yatra (hari om!) Yeh hai yatra, meri yatra” [“this is journey (hari om!), my own journey”]. ‘Hari om’ is the variant of the omniscient chant of ‘om‘.

Is there really a way that I can explain you the importance of this show? Maybe I can. It was one of the first and only famous travel shows in Hindi in a popular General Entertainment Channel (Star Plus). Its quality is still unparalleled and the host Deepti Bhatnagar was perfect of it. She would narrate the stories with a conviction and belief that would thoroughly entertain me. Even an atheist would find the folktales enchanting. This was a religious travel show taking us to various pilgrimages all over India. Religion seems to have all but disappeared now in my life but at that time, it was a most natural thing. I used to doubt it even then but still there were new stories popping up everywhere, from ‘Yatra’ as well as my aged grandmother. Watching the old clips of ‘Yatra’ made me realize how truly vast India is. Religion seems to bind so many people in a single fiber. It seems to bore one to death, but take a travel guide and how it changes your perception of that place; regarding religion nobody could possibly beat the vast knowledge of my grandmother. When she comes to visit us, she always tells us random folk stories of Hindu Gods and Goddesses. Fascinating indeed when you get more knowledge than what is popular perception. Ask a random person on the street and would he tell you that they are related to Amrit-manthan and the like. But only my grandmother knows who had run away with the pitcher full of amrit, who caught him, what many objects were churned during amrit-manthan and what not. Being religious is fun in this sense; people feel something that I know surely to be dead inside me: a connection to someone above me.

And now there is hardly anything of significance that is telecast on Sunday mornings now. But isn’t that useless nostalgia now? Sunday means a day to sleep in now. And I have not turned on television on a Sunday morning since ‘Satyamev Jayate’. and that was ages ago. But now I am going back to hear the title once again and then retreat to my work of the day.

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