Welcome to the (Dysfunctional) Family

I sat for my entrance exam today. I marked two options wrong under the same question; kills me to think about it. If only I could undo the momentary spark that made me see the utter foolishness of 5 seconds back. Isn’t ignorance bliss? I seem like a robot to myself. Even though human brain is capable of amazing multitasking by dividing […]

I HATE WordPress

I type two letters and it says, Draft saved. But when I do a thousand corrections all over and then hit ‘publish’, it screams “Error! Do you want to try again?” When I do, guess what. All the major and minor changes are done away with leaving me the ‘latest’ draft timestamped with the last […]

My life has no titles. This post shouldn’t have one either. They are stupid as they just serve to catch the eye of the innocent. GO AWAY IF YOU WANT ONE! This post isn’t great anyway being full of angst and melodrama.

I saw ‘Get Real’ yesterday. Again. Despite a truckload of work to do. Knowing fully well I’d regret it later. And here I am, after watching the movie. The ever-increasing work to drown myself into. But no regrets. There are no regrets right now. I knew I really liked that movie but didn’t know how […]