A Tapori Song for You All!

I downloaded a new song for my library today: it is ‘Jhallah Wallah’ from Ishaqzaade. I fail to grasp the reason but I am enjoying the fruits of the labour. It features melodious Shreya Goshal and the quintessential Indian street music which ironically has become quite rare in my life. The lyrics are so slang that even I don’t know many of the words. I like the Qawwali style, a win in the book of any music lover. Composer is Amit Trivedi; he is slowly becoming a force in the Indian Film Industry belting out hit after hit. I hope you know Hindi because the lyrics make this song: give this fun song a hear anyway here.

PS: Don’t miss its hero Arjun Kapoor. I can’t decide whether I find him cute or macho. But he is unarguably the most handsome actor over here.

I would love it if you go "tippy, tap" with your keyboard here :)

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