My Life These Days

If I can wrap up my life these days, it is:

  1. Cold
  2. Shimla
  3. Gay stories on internet.

Now, 1. and 3. are easy to elaborate upon. I seem to have a perennial cold which has become worse nowadays during the deepest of winters. As for the stories, they have somehow taken a big chunk of my free time, whenever I get it. This story, ‘Dancing With the Moon‘ by Michael Duggan is one of the best I have ever read. I have read it numerous times and a persistent feeling of sadness has taken place of the initial surprise when I first read the story. I highly recommend this story, if only to encourage the star of the writer to rise.

And 2. Yes, I went to Shimla with my friends. But fast friends as they are, they just managed to disappoint me at every turn. I wasted five thousand rupees on this trip getting nothing back in return if we discount the Tattapani experience (awesome place, must visit). Shimla being the summer capital of British has very old buildings and never having properly explored the city before when I was here 3 years ago with my mother and sister, I wanted to fill the gaps of my last trip. But I didn’t get to see anything that I wanted. Gaiety Theatre. Nope. Kalibari Temple. Nope. Maria Brothers. Nope. Viceregal Lodge. Nope. A walk through Shimla. Nope. I had infinitely more fun with my family and thus have promised never to go anywhere with those people again if I want my friendship to not fall apart due to such silly reasons.

This post is a historical archive for me basically and that is why so little background information is given here. But what I’ll freely say is that the respective loves of my friends’ bosoms are in actuality men with whom I wouldn’t even want to keep up an acquaintance. Love is blind, as they say. Now since I have posted a link to a heart-breaking short story and accepted in writing a disaster that I went through for full five days, I would like to go to sleep to cure the 1.

Good night!

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