With Guy Smart / Miles Apart / Lady Stoneheart / Has A Start

I am sitting on a roof
deep in a trance.
Wondering whether being aloof
has yet killed my chance
of being loved and hugged and kissed
by one man I have liked.
Or possibly he’ll be pissed
if crush is publicized.

I think he knows I am quite
interested in him.
Yesterday, he sparked a light
when spoke he on a whim.
I had asked him how many
Prav-hearts he had torn.
And he asked me on epiphany
if I too was lovelorn.

I replied – and I lied –
when I told him, “No!
I am not. I’m bona fide
guy with heart of stone.”
Conversation then drifted to
common friend of ours.
His story did give us glue
to stick around for hours.

Common friend had neglected
the man who’s dear to me.
Latter, turns out, has visited
IIT Roorkee.
Too much was this revelation
for me to digest
since then I must wholly shun
how I know him best.

Till 3 am we discussed,
cut him under lens.
Then my love of life had fussed
to stop all this nonsense.
He was too sleepy, tired
to say proper goodbyes.
I couldn’t sleep, was inspired
to rethink all my ties.

Also I did come to know
that he has met a man.
Told me he could be his beau
I now have no game plan.



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