Good Letter Gone Bad

My last letter was too brief,
Your reply: deafening silence.
Did I give you much too grief?
I hope it had made some sense.

It was not much more than guys –
Guys whom I don’t really stand;
If they raised some how’s and why’s
In your mind, can understand.

Letter was born in a past
That had not yet seen your call.
Phone call of your job at last:
Reason why you now stand tall.

You were so excited and
Giggle, bubbly, happy boy.
(Life is just a flowing sand;
We make castles to enjoy.)

What did I do? Sent you one
Sheet of paper – blots of blue.
I clouded a bright sun;
Sorry! For not having clue.

Now I sit and wonder when
I sit under banyan tree:
Whether it was my fault then,
Or if you just are not free.

Unexpected was when you
Invited me to your castle.
Overjoyed and afraid too
Was if I would be hassle.

I would like to make it clear
I’m glad you are in my life.
Chat-ter, laugh-er, friend one dear –
Cut not this knot with a knife.

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