Another Day, Another Prey… on my Way

Oh worry not. The title is there because of the rhyme. I have still not downed anybody on the road, unfortunately. Anyways, my to-do list for today: Write a German paragraph. Set up my computer with a graphics library that supports per-pixel output. Complete my ToC (theory of computation) assignment. When it should read: Let […]

Saadat Hasan Manto is actually pronounced as /səˈɑːd̪ət̪ ˈhəsən ˈmənto/. In particular, notice that saa is not “saa” but “suh-aa”.

So we’re back! I am back to Kate Nash looping in the background, I’m back to planning my driving classes, plotting my outings with friends, I’m back here writing more than the two word-gag order imposed on me by me. I am freeeee!!! There was so much stuff put on hold in my life that […]

Dear Diary: I wrote all this wearing my new gloves. Life is colder than cold, isn’t it?

2013-01-06T18:35+05:30 The sun is setting. And my dog is sleeping noisily beside me. I am sitting in front of the ad slots between ‘Grey’s Anatomy’. And if I don’t change my ways, I am going to fail my IIT exam the next month. Getting that out my way, I want to talk about a lot […]