Welcome to the (Dysfunctional) Family

I sat for my entrance exam today. I marked two options wrong under the same question; kills me to think about it. If only I could undo the momentary spark that made me see the utter foolishness of 5 seconds back. Isn’t ignorance bliss? I seem like a robot to myself. Even though human brain is capable of amazing multitasking by dividing […]

Dear Diary: I wrote all this wearing my new gloves. Life is colder than cold, isn’t it?

2013-01-06T18:35+05:30 The sun is setting. And my dog is sleeping noisily beside me. I am sitting in front of the ad slots between ‘Grey’s Anatomy’. And if I don’t change my ways, I am going to fail my IIT exam the next month. Getting that out my way, I want to talk about a lot […]

Bitchy Post

2012-12-16T03:38+05:30 There is horror hidden in that jumble of letters. It is 3:39 in the morning. That 1-minute discrepancy, for those who actually bothered to take notice, is because (guess, guess!) my computer clock is still ticking thankfully blissfully unaware that its only admirer is writing his blog. So yes, it is morning enough that birds would be chirping […]

“Pass me that Lychee, please.” “Yuck, do you like Lychee? Why!”

To all my visitors: You are not visiting at all. I have had a writer’s block since the last post. The story isn’t developing, the ideas are not coming… even the last post was mere anguish over an accidently deleted post. In hope, I visit WordPress several times a day, more than Facebook even. So, […]