Wintry Happy New Year To A Long Lost Friend

Temperature has dropped to three
Steely winds roar in streets free.
People don’t leave beds in fear –
So we usher in new year.

At 5 am, world is blur,
Can’t see even thy neighbours.
Heaven is walking through fog
More when truck collides on jog.

We do collective shudder
Thinking of bruise in winter.
Wound is numb but heart is warm;
Thinking of you soothing balm.

Fond memories, carefree you,
I wish I could save it to
Pen Drive to sit and rewind –
Olden days are rare to find.

Time is straight scary arrow
Stranger than stars and Tarot.
When I think of far future:
You by me when need sutures.

I foresee watching with your kids
Hopping madly, doing skids
With my own set of children
Playing in park; off they run!

And you strict, grumpy parent
Stomping on the merriment
Drag you out your kids from mud;
While dragging, you fall with thud.

Park is numb for seconds eight
Gives you time to hallucinate.
I would step out then out straight
Walk you out with half a weight.

May the new year turns out just
one year of decades robust
during which we still find us
Conversing without a fuss.

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