A Day in the Bemusement Park

The day before the yesterday I went
To watch the rides of new bemusement park.
I sat in seat of love alone in dark;
It came to life and into sky me sent.
There, up I flew and through the clouds too bright.
No fear – I caught a snowflake in my palm;
The air, the rush, serenity and calm.
I shrieked & waved to birds; they smirked on sight.
Confused I turn and darker sky I find
And also found me still with colder blood.
As no more was I flying, I fell behind.
The snowflake turned to tear as came the thud!
I made a noise; were people disinclined:
Alone, collected shreds of heart from mud.

(My first sonnet! I wrote it by reading rules online. It is one, innit?)

I would love it if you go "tippy, tap" with your keyboard here :)

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